libgbm fix with Opera and Exe Gnu/Linux

Opera does not upgrade or install in Exe Gnu/Linux (and devuan also), because it has different libgbm version. The fix is to make a custom installation package and install that package. Unfortunately Opera needs to upgrade by hand by making a package (or Opera fixes their package).

The Fix:
1. Download Opera from

2. Extract the package and edit DEBIAN/control file like

3. Set permissisions for root
sudo chown root:root -R opera-stable_68.0.3618.165_amd64-fixed

4. Make a fixed package
sudo dpkg -b opera-stable_68.0.3618.165_amd64-fixed opera-stable_68.0.3618.165_amd64-fixed.deb

Read also: Opera 51 installation fix in Mint 17, LMDE and Ubuntu 14.04 based systems

Edit 20.7.2020: With mint 18 and Ubuntu 16.04 Opera does not upgrade, so I made a fixed package for them.

Edit 25.8.2020: The newest fixed version